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Unanticipated Accidents Need Legal Help: Spodek Law Group

Accidents happen quickly and without warning. One moment, you’re walking down the street, and the next, you’re lying on the ground after a slip and fall. Such accidents can occur due to various reasons like negligence, lack of maintenance or because someone failed to provide a safe environment. When you’re injured this way, you need the right team of attorneys to help you with your case. Spodek Law Group, led by renowned attorney Todd Spodek, can help by providing the legal representation you need in such an unanticipated situation.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

When it comes to a slip and fall injury, time is of the essence. You should contact a slip and fall attorney as soon as possible to receive the help you need. An attorney will thoroughly evaluate your case, assess the extent of your injuries, and determine the liability of the defendant. Trying to negotiate your settlement with an insurance company on your own can be overwhelming, leading to a situation where you may end up not receiving rightful compensation for your injuries. Trust in the Spodek Law Group to handle your situation effectively.

Get the Right Lawyer to Help Understand Injury Details

An experienced attorney knows that specific details are incredibly important when it comes to slip and fall cases. A lawyer will delve into the circumstances surrounding your fall, asking questions about your action prior to the accident, the accident itself, and your actions after the fall. Having such details in place allows attorneys to plan an effective course of action to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. With Spodek Law Group, you can be confident in having an attorney who will go above and beyond to understand the details of your situation.

Establishing Liability

To win a slip and fall case, a lawyer must be able to establish the liability of the defendant. The attorney will use different approaches including using photographs, witness statements, and police reports to help establish the fault of the other party. The defendant is required by law to take reasonable action in ensuring the safety of people within their premises. If the defendant fails to take the necessary action, they are liable to compensate the injured party. Todd Spodek and the Spodek Law Group know how to establish such liability.

Proving Reasonableness

In establishing liability, a lawyer needs to prove reasonableness. This legal aspect requires determining if the property in question was well maintained and if the defendant took reasonable measures to keep it safe. The Spodek Law Group team knows how to establish negligence in such scenarios and will work diligently to ensure they build a strong case that demonstrates the defendant’s responsibility for the accident.


An experienced slip and fall lawyer understands the importance of investigating your accident. Spodek Law Group attorneys will carefully examine the scene of the accident, converse with witnesses, research local and state laws, and collect all evidence necessary to build a case that will lead to compensation. By doing so, they ensure their clients receive a fair settlement or award in court.

Proving Injuries

Proof is essential when it comes to slip and fall cases. An experienced attorney like Todd Spodek knows how to help clients document their injuries, such as lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering through proper documentation. With the help of the Spodek Law Group, clients can expect to have a strong case and stand the best chance of obtaining fair settlement for their losses.

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Injuries from accidents that result from other people’s negligence can be frustrating and overwhelming. You don’t have to face such situations alone. Contact a skilled attorney at Spodek Law Group when you need legal representation for slip and fall accidents. With an experienced team of attorneys led by Todd Spodek and use of professional language, you can be confident in receiving the representation that you need. Contact us today!






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