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Uber Car Accident Lawyers

If you’re injured as a result of an uber driver, or while you were in the uber – then we can help you. Our uber car accident lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience helping victims of personal injuries. We can help clients get compensation for their injuries. We are transparent with our clients and fight for victims throughout California. We’re available 24/7 to help you.

Farar & Lewis LLP is founded on the philosophy each and every victim deserves a voice. Our goal is to be that voice, and to provide legal help to each and every client – regardless of who they are. We never charge upfront fees, and we only get paid if – and when – we win your case. If you are injured in an uber related accident – we can help. We can even come to you.


Personal Attention

Farar & Lewis LLP prides itself on the fact we are there for our clients, 24/7, when tragedy strikes – or when they have questions. We encourage clients to speak to us when they have a question, or when they are facing any problems at all regarding their case and/or injuries. We help our clients in every fashion possible – including getting them medical assistance, helping with car repairs, and more. Our goal is to handle all aspects of the client’s case, so they can focus on healing.

uber personal injury attorneys

No Fee Unless We Win

We’re on your team. That means never taking a penny unless we win your case. We front all the costs associated with your case. If we don’t win your case, we don’t charge a penny. Our San Diego personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means theres no upfront fees, and if you don’t have medical insurance – that’s ok, we can still help you. Contact us to get started.

uber personal injury attorneys


Our personal injury lawyer are recognized as leaders in the state of California. We have won millions in compensation for our clients. Our attorneys have been recognized by lawyer ranking platforms like Super Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and others. Founding partner Joel Farar was named a 2012-2017 Super Lawyers Rising Star – an honor given to only 2.% of the top personal injury lawyers in California.

uber personal injury attorneys

Uber Car Accident Lawyers

  • If you’re involved in an uber related car accident, then you might be the victim of an injury. Whether it’s whiplash, broken bones, or more serious injuries – you should consider hiring a law firm to help. It’s crucial you hire an attorney who has experience and results whose on your side. At Farar & Lewis LLP, we’ve recovered over $100 million in combined verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our attorneys have immense experience handling tough cases that other’s consistently turn down. Serious injuries can have a lifelong impact – and it’s critical you hire an attorney who can help.
  • If you delay getting treatment, this can harm your chances of getting compensation. The statute of limitations on uber related car accident cases can run out – making it so that you are unable to file a claim. If you delay hiring an attorney and getting medical treatment, the seriousness of your injuries can be questioned – which will prevent you from getting compensation. If you’re confused and need help, we encourage you to call today and speak to one of our attorneys. We never charge for our time, or charge any upfront fees. We only get paid if, and when, we win your case.

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We handle most major injuries


Amanda Ortega.

My daughter and I, were victims of a drunk driver. He went off the freeway and landed on my vehicle. My back window was shattered and my baby was in the backseat. Luckily we were okay. Sore and bruised, but somehow okay. The drunk driver’s insurance was unwilling to accept fault for the accident because he was in jail and they were unable to reach him to get his version of facts. I was hurt and needed help right away. Farar Law was able get Mercury insurance to accept fault for the accident. I would highly recommend Farar Law to anyone involved in an accident.

- Amanda Ortega.


“Excelent Professonial Services”

I was driving home merging onto the 110 S/B FWY, when I was rear-ended. Immediately, I felt pain to my lower back and neck. Initially I thought I would be okay, but as time went by I wasn’t feeling any better and my doctors were not giving me a good prognosis, I had really injured my back. I had heard great things about Farar Law, so I decided to give them a call. I spoke to Joel Farar…

- Robert F.


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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall

FACTS: The Plaintiff stepped out of his apartment onto the apartment
building’s outdoor walkway when the Plaintiff tripped and fell on a
round tree dropping (liquidambar tree dropping). Several months
prior to the Plaintiff’s fall…


Motorcyclist suffers from automobile accident

FACTS: The Plaintiff’s motorcycle was cut off by the Defendant’s
vehicle causing the Plaintiff to violently impact the pavement. The
Plaintiff left the scene of the accident without seeking emergency
medical care.

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