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Car Accidents: A Negligent Act, Not an Accident

Car accidents have become a common occurrence on our roads today. Surprisingly, over 80% of these accidents happen due to distracted drivers and not bad weather or road conditions. When this happens, it goes from being an “accident” to a negligent act by the driver. It is our responsibility as legal experts to hold the negligent driver responsible for his or her actions. Here at Spodek Law Group, our team of attorneys has a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience in handling numerous car accident cases. We understand the law and are committed to ensuring our clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

The Impact of Car Accidents on Victims

Victims of car accidents suffer both physical and emotional injuries. Physical injuries can range from broken bones to paralysis, brain injuries, and more. However, emotional trauma can also result from such accidents. The emotional scars can be so severe that victims may fail to get behind the wheel again. At Spodek Law Group, we believe that our clients deserve fair compensation for all their injuries, including emotional trauma. We will work tirelessly to ensure that all injuries are accounted for and that the compensation granted to our clients is adequate for their overall recovery.

What to Do When an Accident Occurs

If you are involved in a car accident, there are several actions that should be taken immediately. First, seek medical attention and report any injuries, no matter how small. Second, file a police report, and obtain names, addresses, and insurance information of all parties involved, as well as any witnesses. Lastly, do not sign any documents without consulting an attorney. In many cases, insurance companies will try to lure you into signing documents, pressuring you into accepting a settlement far below what you deserve. At Spodek Law Group, our legal team has experience in dealing with such tactics and will ensure that your rights are protected during the entire process.

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