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Personal injuries are a common occurrence in courts across the Bakersfield area. It’s imperative that you hire an experienced law firm like Spodek Law Group to help you handle personal injury cases. At Spodek Law Group, we understand the emotional and physical pain that you are going through, which is why we aim to provide you with comprehensive legal representation.

What is a personal injury case, you might ask? There exists a myriad of personal injuries that you can claim compensation for in court. While car and bike accidents are some of the most common types of injuries, abuse and neglect of the elderly is another type that tends to be misinterpreted. Seniors are often at the receiving end of neglect in today’s society, especially in assisted living homes and medical care facilities.

At Spodek Law Group, our attorneys are well-versed in handling personal injury cases, including those brought to court for abuse and neglect of the elderly. The elderly are often threatened and, being limited physically, are at the mercy of their caretakers. This should not be the case, and if you or someone you know has suffered from elderly abuse or neglect, it’s only imperative that you speak to the competent attorneys at Spodek Law Group to start the legal process to seek compensation and justice.

Furthermore, food-borne illnesses can also be classified as a personal injury case. More often than not, they are a result of neglectful behavior in restaurants or faulty ingredients in food products from stores. Bacteria buildup in kitchens and leaving food out for too long can also lead to the spread of airborne illnesses.

If you have experienced food poisoning, contact Spodek Law Group. Our attorneys will investigate and determine if you have a personal injury case that resulted from a food-borne illness. You must act quickly, as these cases have time limits, and ascertain specific symptoms that come after eating particular foods. Vomiting, cramps, nausea, and diarrhea are common symptoms.

Remember that at Spodek Law Group, we handle all types of personal injury cases, and you can always trust our experienced lawyers to fight fiercely for your rights. Our attorneys are graduates of some of the most prestigious law schools in the country and have years of experience dealing with legal issues. They have successfully won millions of dollars on behalf of clients with personal injury cases just like yours. So, bring your case to Spodek Law Group and rest easy knowing that you have the best legal team in your corner.

What Is a Personal Injury Case?

The Different Types of Personal Injuries

Personal injuries come in different forms and shapes, ranging from car accidents, abuse, and neglect of the elderly, to food-borne illnesses, and everything in between. It is why having an experienced law firm like Spodek Law Group on your side can give you a better chance of winning your case in court.

Abuse and Neglect of the Elderly

At Spodek Law Group, we have a team of seasoned attorneys who can handle abuse and neglect of the elderly cases. Our attorneys are well-versed and understand how caretakers often abuse and neglect the elderly, even in medical care facilities. We seek to provide comprehensive legal representation that you require to receive compensation and justice for the emotional and psychological pain inflicted.

Food-borne Illness

Food-borne illnesses can also be classified as personal injury cases. Spodek Law Group has experienced attorneys who can handle these cases for you. Our attorneys will help you seek compensation and justice for any illness suffered as a result of neglectful behavior in restaurants, faulty food ingredients, bacteria buildup in kitchens and catered for food.

Other Types of Personal Injuries

Besides abuse and neglect of the elderly and food-borne illnesses, our attorneys at Spodek Law Group can handle any other personal injury case. We understand the complexity of these cases and have the professionalism and in-depth knowledge of the law to handle anything.






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