Los Angeles DUI and Driving Privileges

This article is by Max Soni, a founding partner at Zooomr – which helps consumers find amazing deals on New Delhi used cars. After getting arrested for DUI, some people misguidedly downplay the severity of the situation while others get scared stiff wondering what awaits them. If you have an impending DUI arraignment, you are probably worried about how this will impact on your job and public reputation, which is normal. The majority of drivers arrested for DUI in Los Angeles go to their arraignment with a misconceived hope of pleading their case and having it dismissed.

However, if they consulted with Los Angeles DUI attorneys, they would quickly learn that this is not the intention of a DUI arraignment. In fact, an arraignment will only serve to inform you about the criminal charges filed against you, your bail status as well as your constitutional rights. It is at your arraignment that you will enter the initial plea of no contest, guilt or lack of guilt.

Should you Need a Los Angeles DUI Attorney?

Since the arraignment presents a critical step in the entire DUI process, you will want to hire a DUI lawyer, or at least consult with one to obtain a free evaluation of your case. This could significantly determine the outcome of your case and is highly recommended if you want to avoid the costly mistakes made by most people. Your lawyer will ensure that you actually attend your arraignment; failure to appear could lead to the issuance of your arrest warrant. The court could compel you to appear multiple times while attempting to wear you down into taking a plea bargain. You must brace yourself and wait for your lawyer to strike a realistic bargain with the district attorney.

Adequately Prepare for your Arraignment

Preparing for your arraignment involves deciding on the kind of plea to enter. If you appear for your arraignment undecided and fail to enter a plea, then your judge will be obligated to enter a “not guilty” defense on your behalf. While this plea is ideal for the majority of people facing DUI charges, there are exceptions, and this is where your lawyer comes in handy; they will help you with working out a plea bargain that suits your best interests.

What Happens when you Plead Guilty?

Entering a plea at your indictment is arguably the most important decision you will be compelled to make during the entire DUI process. Pleading guilty will automatically lead to the culmination of your case after the judge hands you your sentence. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of the repercussions of pleading guilty to Los Angeles DUI charges; you will sustain a DUI conviction on your criminal records. You should also be aware that withdrawing a guilty plea is close to impossible.

What are the Penalties for DUI in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles laws allow judges a lot of discretion when sentencing DUI convicts, with penalties varying broadly depending on the peculiar circumstances of each case. DUI convicts will face penalties not exceeding 6 months in jail, 10 months license suspension, $2500 fines and in some cases, an interlock ignition device is installed.

What Happens when you Plead Not Guilty?

Pleading “not guilty” will lead to your judge scheduling for your pretrial hearing, which usually occurs within ninety days after your arraignment. This will give your attorney sufficient time for evaluating all the evidence regarding your case while negotiating possible plea bargains with your district attorney.

From the points above, it is apparent that hiring a lawyer to assist you through the arraignment and plea bargaining process is very essential. In fact, Los Angeles DUI lawyers could significantly increase the odds of your obtaining a plea bargain that is favorable. Later in the process, your attorney will come in handy with helping you challenge the impending automatic suspension of your right to drive within the state of California, which ordinarily emanates from your DUI charges.

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