This is guest blog post by Aaron Wallenstein. No matter how careful or “safe” of a driver you may be, vehicle collisions and accidents take place when we least expect it. Thankfully, there are ways to help minimize accidents from taking place. However, if you encounter an accident, it is best to know exactly what to do and how to do it right. Being in a collision can be a nerve racking and anxiety-ridden experience. There are a few things you can do to be prepared if you end up taking a turn for the worse. Below is a brief list of car accident documents you will need if you ever encounter a car accident:

Proof of Insurance

No matter which driver is at fault of the accident, one of the first things an officer on the scene will ask you for is proof of insurance. Automobile insurance is a requirement for all drivers, through all 50 states. Keep your proof of insurance inside your glove compartment. That way it is easily accessible at all times, especially following an accident. Your proof of insurance can also be saved on your phone. Many vehicle insurers such as Geico, State Farm, and Allstate, to name a few, have apps you can download to safely store your insurance information all in one spot.

Proof of Insurance Payments

Remember to pay your insurance premium on time. There’s no use in having a vehicle policy if you are not making regular required payments. Your insurance premium will dictate the type of coverage you will get if you are ever in an accident. Some people opt to have collision coverage. This helps cover the cost of any repairs from the accident, regardless of who is at fault.

Other Driver’s Information

Most drivers are responsible enough to leave you their contact information. It is very important to get their name, address and contact number as well as their vehicle’s plate identification number, the color, make, and model of their vehicle. You will also want to make sure you retrieve their insurance information. If it’s a hit and run case, take down the address of where the accident took place, and any other important information such as weather conditions.

Witnesses Information

If you are lucky enough to gather witnesses who are willing to give their own statement of what they saw in the accident, then you need to get their contact information, as well In most cases, police officers gather their statement and file them accordingly.

Accident or Police report

It is also very important to get a copy of the police report. You may ask the responding officer at the scene for these documents. Police officers know that you need this in order to file a case with your attorney and so they will likely give these documents without hesitation. In some cases, lawyers hire their own investigators to get all these documents for you. If you committed a crime at the time of the car accident, or the other party did, you might need an NYC criminal lawyer to help.

Medical Records

One of the most important things that you need when gathering evidence to prove your case is your medical record. This will prove just how extensive the acquired damages are to you from an expert’s point of view. A medical record showing no physical harm does not mean that you no longer have a case, because psychological trauma is still compensation-able. If this is the case, you will have to have medical documentation that the accident at hand was a culprit to your reported trauma. Keep a record of how often you see your psychologist or therapist, as the costs of these appointments will likely be covered under insurance if you can prove the trauma is related to the accident.


There’s a notorious saying, “a picture says 1,000 words.” This is certainly the case with vehicle collisions and accidents. If you are not severely injured as a result of a car accident, use your cell phone to snap a few pictures of the damage you will be reporting from the accident. Though an insurance adjuster will likely come out on behalf of both parties’ insurance companies, it is best to have a personal record of your own photos of the car accident damage. Your photos can also show outside factors such as bad weather, poor road conditions, among other components that may be too late when the adjuster arrives. If you need a short term car lease, companies like Zooomr can help in big cities such as Los Angeles, NYC, San Diego, and Boston, in order to help victims get car leases.

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