Compton Car accident Lawyers

Do you know anyone who resides in the City of Compton, California? The law firm of Farar & Lewis, LLP provides vigorous, aggressive representation to Compton car accident victims. We value this community!

Today, Compton welcomes a population of nearly 100,000 people. Our city lies within the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. Residents enjoy ready access to the Gardena Freeway to the south and the Glenn Anderson Freeway to the north. Two important North-South routes serve Compton: California Highway 710 passes through a green belt just to the east of our city, while Highway 110 (called “the Harbor Freeway”) sits just a few blocks to the west. If provides a fast route to the Pacific Ocean to the south and the Memorial Coliseum and Sports Arena to the north.

With so many people traveling in our City and its environs, Compton residents sometimes become involved in traffic accidents. This type of situation can happen to anyone at any time.

When car accidents occur, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing Farar & Lewis, LLP provides legal representation in Compton. We handle a large number of cases involving auto accidents.

Steps to Take After an Accident

Immediately after a car accident, the people involved may feel hurt, emotional, highly stressed and disoriented. If you become involved in an auto accident, you might want to consider taking some important steps:


  • Seek medical assistance for yourself and others promptly; having a doctor check your condition remains a wise precaution.
  • Follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations.
  • Consider speaking with a qualified car accident attorney before you discuss your case with an insurance company or insurance adjuster.
  • If you think you would benefit from obtaining legal representation, take steps to locate a reputable car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Many accident victims do not fully appreciate that in most jurisdictions the law establishes time limits on the period allowed for filing specific types of legal actions. Called “statutes of limitation” these rules establish deadlines for bringing different types of cases.

Car accident victims who desire legal representation should seek to contact an attorney as soon as possible after an accident. Your attorney will pay close attention to any statutes of limitations involved in your case and keep you informed about filing deadlines.

Consequences of a Car Accident

No one welcomes becoming involved in a car accident. This experience can prove very painful and emotionally stressful.

For example, just consider a few possible consequences facing auto accident victims:

  • Physical injuries;
  • Death(s);
  • Pain;
  • Financial losses;
  • A damaged or inoperable car;
  • Lost time away from work or school;
  • Sometimes, criminal charges.

Involvement in a serious auto accident drastically changes the lifestyle of a victim. For instance, someone may suffer permanent physical disabilities making it impossible to continue in the same job or educational program.

An auto accident may even cause the loss of a spouse or other close person. Survivors and dependents might encounter years of hardship, even if they did not personally witness the accident.

Types of Damages

A conscientious car accident attorney strives to assist clients to recover damages for all of the losses incurred. This type of specialized assistance may prove helpful to auto accident victims and their households.

Frequently, victims themselves do not appreciate the full extent of their losses during the stressful period of time immediately following an accident. A capable attorney can offer objective assistance in evaluating this issue.

Insurance adjusters typically seek to pay as little insurance company money as possible to satisfy a claim. These individuals owe their loyalty to the insurance company, not accident victims or their families. They sometimes seek to pay only minimal amounts of compensation.

How Attorneys Can Help

Unlike insurance adjusters, attorneys owe loyalty to their clients. These dedicated professionals seek to offer zealous representation in car accident cases.

A skilled attorney can assist accident victims by helping them evaluate the full extent of their losses. While no attorney can ever guarantee the client will prevail during a legal case, every attorney must strive to furnish rigorous, dedicated representation to clients. Your car accident attorney will seek to recover as much money as necessary to compensate you fully for your losses.

Additionally, retaining an attorney usually offers a car accident victim other advantages. These include:

  • Assistance investigating the facts of an accident and interviewing witnesses;
  • Help gathering supporting documentation;
  • Performance of accurate legal research;
  • Skilled identification of possible causes of action;
  • Preparation of cases, including drafting legal filings, briefs, motions and appeals;
  • Vigorous courtroom representation and advocacy.

What Should I do if I Think the Accident was at Least Partly My Fault?

Car accidents are an increasingly commonplace occurrence on our nation’s roadways. In fact, according to the website, there are more than 6 million automobile crashes in the country each year injuring more than 3 million people. We always tend to worry about the other guy, but with these many accidents, it is not out of the question to find yourself wondering if you played any role in causing the accident you are involved. What then?

Ultimately, whether a car accident case gets settled by insurance or ends up in court, the primary issue is liability. That is, which driver was at fault in the accident.

Immediately after the Accident
In our early driver training and throughout our many years behind the wheel, we all know the proper protocol when involved in an accident. Of course the immediate priority is attending to the medical needs of whoever has been injured by the crash. Once that has been accomplished and the accident scene is otherwise relatively safe, we all know it is legally required to exchange basic information with the other driver. But it should be emphasized that basic information is all you should share.

Speaking with the Other Driver
Most of us are truly remorseful an accident occurred, even if we believe it was not our fault. However, if you think the accident was at least partly your fault, you may seem apologetic and actually verbally express to the other driver just such a sentiment. This can be a costly mistake.

First of all, you may be in a mild state of shock and not fully cognizant. Secondly, you may not know exactly what happened. The typical car crash occurs quickly, perceptions are altered and it takes some time to process the entirety of all the events. The bottom line is that just simply saying, “I’m sorry,” even if your only saying you wish the accident had never happened, can be interpreted as an admission of liability.

Speaking with the Insurance Adjuster
The vast majority of auto accident cases result in filing an insurance claim, which results in an insurance adjuster initiating an investigation. If you’re handling the claim yourself, you will at some point need to speak with this person. Again, what you say can have a significant impact on the resolution of your case.

It is not suggested on any level that you lie, but there are ways to state facts that are truthful without embellishment or speculation. Remember, in many instances, you really do not know exactly what happened.

Comparative Negligence
Most jurisdictions have a legal concept know as comparative negligence, whereby each party’s negligence for a given injury is weighed in determining damages. For example, if you are involved in a car accident with another driver and you sustain $50,000 in damages, but it is found you were 20 percent liable for the accident, you final award will be limited to $40,000. The fact that you were partly at fault will likely not be a total bar to recovery.

The Benefits of Legal Representation
If you retain an experienced accident lawyer for your case, you will not need to speak with the adjuster. That will be your lawyer’s job, as well as conducting a thorough investigation of the matter to determine what actually took place. If it is decided that the accident was at least partially your fault, all is not lost.

The bottom line is accidents and the procedures to resolve them are complex matters involving important legal rights. Make sure you protect yours and seek the advice of counsel.