Chula Vista Motorcycle Accidents Lawyers

Motorcycle riding can be exciting. You get a sense of freedom that you can’t get from riding in a vehicle. You are closer to nature with the air blowing in your face. Your wonderful ride, however, can turn into a disaster in just a few minutes due to the negligence of another driver.

Number of motorcycle accidents

In the past 14 out of 15 years, the number of fatalities from motorcycle accidents has increased. While it is certainly necessary for safety, helmets are only required for some riders in Chula Vista. Out of 4,000 motorcycle accidents, 200 of them were motorcycle accidents and less than a hundred didn’t have injuries.

Causes of motorcycle accidents

There are many reasons for a motorcycle rider to have an accident. An accident can be caused by another driver. That driver can show negligence in many ways. Some of these are:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Speeding
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Violating motorcycle’s right of way

A distracted driver may be texting or talking on the phone, changing the radio station or paying attention to other passengers. A driver under the influence is impaired by alcohol or drugs in their system. High rates of speed, running through lights and stop signs and not yielding to a bikers right of way all can cause serious accidents, injuries and even death.

If a rider is fortunate enough to survive, they can be left with debilitating injuries like brain and spinal cord damage, loss of limbs or fractured bones. A rider can end up paralyzed and never be able to work again.

Other causes for motorcycle accidents

Other drivers aren’t the only thing that can cause a motorcycle accident. The motorcycle could have damage from the manufacturer. There could be tire, brake or fuel line defects. The handle bars could not be properly installed, or the tires could have defects. The defect doesn’t necessarily have to be in the motorcycle. The helmet could have defects that cause serious damage. Helmets are designed to protect the driver’s head, but if the helmet isn’t designed properly and there is an accident, the driver can end up with severe brain damage or dead.

What you should do if involved in an accident

If you or your loved one are involved in a motorcycle accident, there are certain things that you should try to do as soon as possible. First and foremost, you should get in touch with the police and paramedics and make sure that you receive medical treatment even if you don’t feel like you need it. Shock and adrenaline from the accident can cause you not to know how hurt you really are.

If you are able, you should try to take as many photos as possible of the accident scene and of your injuries. If you are unable and have someone else, have them do it. Also have a member of your family contact a motorcycle accident attorney. An attorney can handle things that you can’t and things you probably don’t even know about.

What an attorney can do for you

Police reports may show that the accident was your fault when you may not be at fault at all. An attorney can help gather evidence that can prove you weren’t the party to blame for the accident. They can deal with the insurance companies and work on negotiating a settlement for you and your family. You will need compensation to take care of things you and your family will need now and in the future. There will be medical bills and possibly therapy bills, you will lose wages from work, and you also deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

How your attorney will handle the case

The first thing your attorney will do is to investigate the accident. He will go through every detail with a fine-tooth comb to determine the negligence and prove the accident wasn’t your fault. There is video footage, reports and witness accounts he will gather. He can also subpoena witnesses if needed and subpoena cell records if it is suspected the other driver was on the phone.

As stated before, your attorney will speak with medical experts and negotiate with insurance companies. If he can’t come to an agreement on a settlement with the insurance company, he will then begin to prepare your case for trial.

What you will recover

The amount of compensation you recover depends on a number of factors. These factors include:

  • Amount of time lost from work
  • Medical expenses now and for the future
  • Loss of future earning for your family
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental issues

If the accident was fatal, your family will have a case to receive compensation on your behalf. If you are the spouse or dependent of an accident victim, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the other driver or the motorcycle manufacturer. Besides the medical bills, the family may be able to recover for funeral expenses, as well. There is also loss of support from the spouse. If the accident was caused by a reckless act like drunk driving, there are punitive damages the plaintiff can possibly receive. These are damages intended to inflict punishment to let future drivers hopefully learn a lesson from this driver’s mistakes.


If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident or have lost a loved one due to an accident, contact us today and let us investigate your case. We have the experience and knowledge of the law and can help you get the compensation you deserve for now and the future. You don’t deserve to suffer any more than you already have. Let us take that from you and give you back your peace of mind.