Why Do You Need A Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer?

Anyone charged with a crime in the city of Philadelphia should seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney. When navigating the legal system, it becomes vital to secure reliable counsel who has your best interests in mind. The attorney should also possess the required background to defend the specific charges levied against you.

Whether facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you must work with someone capable of mounting the best defense possible. Once convicted, you carry a criminal conviction on your record forever. Yes, options for expungement may exist, but they are rare. Would it not be best to seek the withdrawal or dismissal of charges or procure a “not guilty” verdict, if possible?

Several reasons exist why retaining a criminal defense attorney is necessary in Philadelphia:

The Attorney Fully Explains the Charges

Just because you are arrested and arraigned doesn’t mean the police or the courts will thoroughly explain your situation to you. Discussions about the seriousness of the charges, the case against you, and the odds of a conviction should come from an attorney hired to represent you.

The Attorney Speaks for You

The attorney represents you during questioning. A common mistake people make when arrested is they speak to the police without an attorney present. They can incriminate themselves unnecessarily in doing so. They also make their defense more difficult. Once an attorney officially represents you, the chances of a defendant hurting his/her case diminish. Self-incrimination becomes much less likely once an attorney takes over.

A Weak Case Might Not Stand

District attorneys don’t always have a strong case against the accused. Evidence, for example, could be circumstantial or illegally obtained. If the case is incredibly weak, an attorney could seek the dismissal of charges. That means it does not go to trial and ends.

Dealing with the Courts, District Attorneys, and Sentencing

A reputable and ethical attorney won’t lead a client to believe an impossible outcome is possible. If going to trial means a near-certain conviction, the attorney can work on behalf of the courts to devise a plea deal. Pleading to a lesser charge is common, but don’t expect the DA to offer the best plea deal out of pure generosity. A defense attorney likely must negotiate a reasonable deal.

Plea bargains can lead to a reduction of charges and/or the withdrawal of some charges. A felony charge could be reduced to a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor may even be reduced to an infraction. Infractions aren’t considered criminal convictions, which benefits those hoping to avoid the stigma of a record.

Whether pleading or facing sentencing at the end of a trial, an attorney can argue for leniency. A defendant does not necessarily have to face the maximum penalty as many factors come into play. A prior record, time served, and more contribute to sentencing decisions.

Seek Qualified Counsel

Dealing with the Philadelphia courts and the Pennsylvania criminal justice system can become overwhelming. When facing charges, seeking out the best possible defense attorney makes sense.

Why you should hire a DUI attorney

It is against the law in every state to drive under the influence. As such, any DUI charges will be handled in a criminal court. Everyone will have the right to represent themselves in front of a jury, however, most defendants hire a private criminal lawyer or they are represented by a public attorney that is appointed by the court.

If you’re charged with driving under the influence, it may be in your best interest to hire a DUI attorney. Continue reading to help you decide which type of representation is right for you.

What is a public defender?

Essentially, everyone has the right to an attorney. If you’re unable to afford one on your own, then the court will appoint you one. These lawyers are known as public defenders.

They handle a large number of cases, one of the most common ones being DUI’s. With that said, a lot of public attorneys are no strangers when it comes to DUI laws and defenses. Furthermore, most public defenders are acquainted with the judges and district attorneys, which is good for “plea bargaining.”

However, it’s important to keep in mind that having a public defender comes with a few downsides. To start, public attorneys work on multiple cases, so it’s likely that your case won’t get enough attention.

In addition to that, you also don’t get to choose who your public defender is. In other words, you have to play the hand you’re dealt. Furthermore, being represented by a public attorney also has its limitations. Being arrested for DUI has two proceedings; a criminal court case and proceedings with the DMV. Any defendants who use a public defender are going to have to face the DMV proceedings alone.

What is a private lawyer?

Unlike a public defender, a private lawyer is there to help you through the proceedings with the DMV and criminal court. Having the same lawyer work on both ends of your case is extremely beneficial as it can result in things like a shorter license-suspension.

However, the one major drawback to hiring a private lawyer is the cost. In most cases, hiring a private attorney for a DUI case typically costs around $1,000 to $1,500. Should your case go to trial, it could become more expensive.

Private lawyers who specialize in DUI cases tend to have a wealth of knowledge of DUI law and defenses that other attorneys don’t have. If you’re lucky, this knowledge can lead to things like plea bargains or even having the charges dismissed.

Hopefully, this article helped you realize why you should hire a DUI attorney. Public or private, they will do their best to help you in your case.

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer Instead of a Public Defender

If you are facing criminal charges and want to safeguard your future and freedom, you are probably wondering if you should hire a criminal defense attorney or use a public defender. The choice you make now can impact you for the rest of your life because a criminal conviction sticks with you forever.

Choosing to use a public defender is often tempting if you would like to save money on your case. Before you select the path that you will take, ask yourself how much your future and reputation are worth. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer gives you the best odds of reaching a fair outcome. By enlisting the support of a defense attorney, you improve your chance of getting a not guilty verdict or a favorable plea agreement.


A lot of people either can’t afford a criminal defense attorney or don’t want to pay for one. As a result, public defenders take on a lot of cases and don’t have enough time to give your case the individual attention it needs. Some people never even speak to their public defender until the day of the trial.

If you don’t hire someone, your public defender might only have 15 to 30 minutes to craft your defense. A criminal defense attorney, however, only takes on the number of cases he can handle, and your lawyer will give you much more time. Your criminal defense lawyer will spend weeks or months learning about you and your situation to craft the best possible defense.


The amount of resources your lawyer has will play a big role in the outcome of your case. A public defender won’t be able to hire expert witnesses, video editors to enhance video quality or investigators to challenge claims made by the prosecution. This lack of resources could be the final nail that destroys your shot at winning.

A criminal defense lawyer has the needed resources to review each aspect of your case and find every possible way to ruin the prosecutor’s version of events. If you need an expert witness, lab test or anything else to establish your case, a criminal defense attorney can do the job right the first time.


When your fate is in the hands of your legal representation, you want someone who cares about the outcome as much as you do. The court refers clients to public defenders, so these lawyers are not too concerned about their reputation. No matter how they perform, they will always have a steady stream of clients to represent, but that is not how it works with criminal defense lawyers.

People want to hire lawyers who have a proven record of achieving favorable results in the courtroom. When a criminal defense lawyer makes mistakes during a case, those mistakes can make it much harder for the lawyer to find future clients. You want a criminal defense lawyer who values his reputation and cares about the outcome he achieves for his clients.

Final Thoughts

You can’t afford to take any risks when you are facing criminal charges that can impact you for years to come. Rather than using a public defender who has limited time and resources to manage your case, you want a criminal defense attorney who will give you the time and attention it takes to achieve the best possible outcome.

You can’t put a price on your future or freedom because you can’t fix them after the damage is done. If you want to improve your chance of reaching the outcome for which you have been hoping, getting a criminal defense attorney is the only smart choice.

Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer When Accused of a Crime

When you are accused of committing a crime, facing a judge and defending yourself can feel overwhelming and in many cases, impossible. Obtaining a criminal lawyer anytime you are accused of a crime is essential to maximize your legal protection without risking your future.


Criminal lawyers work with a variety of clients and have built a rapport with judges and other attorneys throughout their careers. When you have a criminal attorney who is familiar with the court system, eliminate the stress and worry commonly associated with representing yourself. Your criminal lawyer will review all paperwork, evidence, and your personal criminal record to determine which path is right for you that also offers the least amount of jail time served.

The Understand Criminal Law

Even if you have faced criminal charges in the past, having a criminal lawyer represent you is imperative to avoid making mistakes when facing your charges in court. Criminal lawyers are well-versed in the law and understand the best routes to take in order to ensure the best possible outcome for their clients. A lawyer who specializes in criminal law has the ability to see all possible outcomes and solutions without risking your freedom or future.

Learn About Your Case and the Charges Presented Against You

Learn about your case and specific charges that have been filed against you when working with a nyc criminal lawyer. When an attorney represents you in a court of law, they are obligated to educate and inform you of all of the charges being pressed against you and the potential outcomes of each. The more aware you are of the charges brought against you, the easier it is to navigate your way through the court system up until your official court date.

Expedite the Filing of Paperwork

Criminal lawyers have a thorough understanding of the law and what paperwork is necessary for each individual case they take on. When you represent yourself, you are required to file all of the necessary documents and paperwork to ensure your protection which is not always easy if you are unfamiliar with the process. Your attorney is responsible for ensuring all paperwork is filed within a timely manner and done so properly to avoid issues or potential hangups prior to your court date.

Choose the Right Legal Route

Choosing how to plea or which legal route to take is not always an easy task, especially if you are facing serious criminal charges that may result in jail or prison time. When you work together with a criminal attorney who represents you, allow them the opportunity to provide you with multiple legal routes to take. Your attorney understands the likelihood of having a case ruled against you, which is why it is imperative to listen to your lawyer throughout each step involved in your case.

Make a Deal

Not all criminal cases are simplistic or black and white. Many criminal cases offer defendants the ability to take a plea bargain or to avoid jail time in exchange for community service, probation, or other deals offered by judges and prosecutors. Avoid missing an opportunity to plead your case down when working with an experienced attorney who specializes in criminal law. Once you begin working alongside your criminal lawyer, they will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the best options you have based on your criminal record and whether or not there is solid evidence in the case built against you.


Attorneys are required to remain committed and devoted to their clients, even if there is strong evidence against them. When you have a criminal lawyer working to represent you, ensure you are fought for regardless of the charges against you. Criminal lawyers are devoted to their clients and work tirelessly to ensure you are given every opportunity to clear your name and resume life as normal.

With the right criminal lawyer by your side, move forward with your case having peace of mind and feeling confident in your choices. Criminal lawyers are devoted to their clients’ well-being and are committed to providing you with the best legal protection possible. Whenever you encounter trouble with the law, hire an experienced and knowledgable criminal lawyer for the best possible outcome.

What should I do if I’ve been in an accident with a large truck?

In the United States each year, large truck accidents kill 5,000 people and injure 115,000. And in 27 percent of these accidents, the drivers of the trucks have had prior convictions for speeding or other driving infractions. Unfortunately, as today’s highways become more congested with vehicles, the chances of being involved in an accident with a large truck are increasing each year. If you find yourself involved in an accident with a large truck, there are many steps you should take as soon as possible to ensure justice is served and you receive the financial compensation you deserve.

Get Medical Attention
When a person is involved in an accident involving large trucks, San Diego personal injury lawyers know that getting immediate medical attention is a must. Not only are such injuries as broken arms, broken legs, and internal injuries like broken ribs common in these accidents, but so are even more serious injuries such as those associated with the spinal cord. Because of this, it’s imperative you seek immediate medical attention if involved in such accidents.

Stay Safe
At many accident scenes, victims often find themselves facing additional danger. In fact, San Diego personal injury lawyers often hear of victims who are struck by other vehicles while waiting for assistance from first responders. Because of this, it’s recommended that if possible you stay a safe distance away from the scene while waiting for help to arrive.

Seek Legal Advice
Once you have gotten appropriate medical attention for your injuries, it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with an attorney who is experienced in dealing with large truck accidents. Since in many of these accidents the truck drivers have been shown to be involved in numerous other accidents over the years, chances are failing to bring them to justice will result in other innocent victims being hurt later on. Therefore, speak to an attorney who can assess your situation and begin the process of helping you gain the financial compensation you deserve.

Gather Necessary Evidence
After an accident and before speaking with an attorney, attempt to gather as much evidence as possible to show who was at fault. For example, take pictures while at the accident scene if possible, since this can be critical to helping your case. Along with this, gather any police reports about the accident and bring them with you when you meet with an attorney. This evidence, along with GPS data, logbook information, and a visual inspection of the accident scene by your attorneys and their investigators, can play a vital role in helping establish who was at fault.

Beware of Insurance Companies
If you have been involved in an accident with a large truck, expect to receive a call from the insurance company representing the trucking company. More than likely, they will be offering you the chance to settle quickly for a small amount of money. If this happens, refuse the offer and immediately tell them you have retained a personal injury attorney, and that any further communication will be handled by your attorney. Although an insurance adjuster will try to make you believe the insurance company is only interested in helping you, the fact is they are only interested in paying out as little money as possible. Rather than take a quick settlement that may sound good initially, let your attorney handle any dealings with the insurance company.

Work With An Experienced Attorney
Since most of these cases are settled out of court and never make it to trial, it’s important to be represented by San Diego personal injury lawyers who have experience dealing with these complex cases. To ensure you gain compensation to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering, make sure you are represented by an attorney who not only understands these cases, but is committed to seeing that justice is served.

How much of my medical expenses and lost wages will PIP pay?

A bodily injury claim, also referred to as a personal injury claim, is a type of claim that is made after a victim sustains either a physical or psychological injury, or both. Bodily injuries could range from injuries sustained in a car accident, injuries at work, injuries sustained in the course of a crime, injuries caused by faulty goods or services, etc. If you or your loved one sustains a bodily injury, it is important that you hire a competent personal injury lawyer to represent your interest.

The main question here is; are medical bills included in a bodily injury claim? If you are a resident in New York, the answer is YES if a claim is filed 3 years from the date an injury was sustained. Filing a claim after this period means that the injured person is not entitled to claim compensation for medical bills.

Many auto insurance companies include a policy that covers the medical costs that are linked to bodily injury without the consideration of who is at fault. However, this type of coverage only compensates for medical bills you have incurred due to the injuries sustained in an accident up until the time you are making a claim. This means that the insurer is not obligated to compensate an injured person for future medical expenses.

On the other hand, an injured person is entitled to compensation for all medical treatments, both current and future, if the claim is made against the at-fault party. In addition to compensation for medical bills, an injured person can be compensated for future medical care incase the sustained injuries results in the loss of his ability to work or enjoy life.

While most insurance polices will compensate for any medical bills that its clients incurred, the injured person may be required to compensate the insurance company back the entire amount if the person happens to receive compensation for the same from a third party. In such a case, it’s important to involve the insurance company in the process.

Types of Medical Bills included in a Bodily Injury Claim

There are various typical medical costs that are usually included in a bodily injury lawsuit. They include:
• Hospital bills
• Surgery costs
• Laboratory fees
• Rehabilitation or therapy costs
• Prescription medicines costs
• Pain and suffering costs.

If an injured person has to go on with treatment for recurring health problems, the medical bills can be very extensive. This makes it imperative for one to comprehensively document all injuries sustained so that the damages can be accurately calculated for the purposes of seeking fair compensation for future treatments.

How to Prove Medical Expenses

In order for a personal injury attorney to successfully obtain compensation for his client, he must prove that indeed medical expenses were incurred. Comprehensive documentation is necessary to calculate all costs of medical treatment. Various items of evidence should be presented in court, and they include medical treatment receipts, pharmaceutical bills, hospital bills, or any other documents indicating all the medical costs.

How Much Can One Get as Compensation for Medical Bills?

In New York, there is no standard amount of compensation for medical expenses. This is because every bodily injury case is different and an amount for each is determined by the extent of damages suffered and how much care he would need in future. If the injured person had some level of liability in the accident, it can also end up affecting the total amount of compensation he can receive from the other at-fault party. Having a personal injury lawyer to help throughout the process greatly helps as it ensures a smooth process.